Since it was founded in 2011, Christie Pits Film Festival has become a cornerstone of Toronto’s Bloor West neighbourhood, and a fixture of the city’s summer calendar. Here’s a snapshot of some of our most memorable nights over the years!


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The 2018 CPFF season featured multiple record-breaking audiences!

Summer 2018

For its eighth season, Christie Pits Film Festival presented a whole summer of great city-themed films as part of Toronto Outdoor Picture Show's Cinematic Cities programme in four parks across this city.


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Summer 2017

CPFF presented a programme called Eyes on the Prize - films about competition, camaraderie and the drive to win - for its seventh summer season!

Summer 2016

CPFF celebrated its sixth season with an eclectic summer-long programme called Stranded in Christie Pits!

August 2, 2015

An epic storm brought down torrential rain and hail – and one of the park’s oldest trees – forcing a cancelled screening of Mean Girls. Undeterred, the rescheduled screening later that summer brought in a record 1400 attendees.

Summer 2015

For its fifth anniversary season, CPFF grew to a full summer of great movies, with seven screenings and an average attendance of 1000 people each night. The 2015 Great Villains theme opened with an epic presentation of the silent horror classic Nosferatu with live musical score by local musicians Del Bel. This production was remounted for an encore presentation the following summer at Queensway Park, Etobicoke. Watch the full film with its new score!

January 2015

Christie Pits Film Festival is legally incorporated as a not-for-profit organization named Toronto Outdoor Picture Show.

Summer 2014

The 2014 Days of Summer programme knocked it out of the park! CPFF opened with the cult classic A League Of Their Own to a record 1200 film-lovers, completely filling Christie Pits’ natural amphitheatre.

Summer 2013

The 2013 programme, Hits in the Pits: The Rise and Fall of Great Bands, proved to be CPFF’s biggest hit yet. An average of 500 people came to the Pits each week.

July 29, 2012

CPFF’s screening of Cinema Paradiso – presented by annual sponsor Adrianne Parker, Re/Max – brought in a crowd of 500 attendees.


CPFF presented a 3-night programme called When We Were Young: Cinematic Tales of Youth and Growing Up, Under the Stars.

AUGUST 28, 2011

Christie Pits Film Festival presented its first screening, the Spielberg gem Catch Me If You Can, to a 100-person neighbourhood audience.