Christie Pits Film Festival 2019 - dynamic duos
new date: saturday, August 24th
(originally scheduled August 18th)


Short film — She Stoops to Conquer

Don’t miss the first of our two-night Closing Weekend, followed by The Talented Mr. Ripley on August 25th!

In the noir-tinged future world of 1997 sci-fi thriller Gattaca, eugenics reigns supreme as prospective parents select their children based on the best possible combination of hereditary traits. But there are, of course, the naturally born, or the “in-valids,” conceived the old fashioned way and shunned for their presumed inferiority. Vincent, an in-valid, has dreams of space exploration that can only be fulfilled by taking on the identity of the paralyzed yet genetically superior Jerome, but fulfilling someone else’s destiny proves more difficult than imagined. Beyond this cult favourite’s Black Mirror-esque forecasting on the dangers of genetic manipulation and social Darwinism, Gattaca is a fable on the pressures of fate and the pitfalls of expectation.

She Stoops to Conquer, Toronto director Zachary Russell’s delightfully twisted gender-queered take on a rom-com meet-cute, will double-up with Gattaca for an evening of doppelgängers. Drag night at a local club takes a strange turn when one of the performers, a drag king struggling to channel her idiosyncratic character, ventures out into the after hours world and stumbles upon her muse.


Directed by Andrew Niccol, 1997

With short film She Stoops to Conquer, directed by Zachary Russell, 2015

RESCHEDULED: Saturday August 24
(Rained out on August 18th)
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