Before Sunrise

Christie Pits Film Festival 2018 - cinematic cities
Sunday, August 12th

Before Sunrise 

featured city - vienna

Short films — Night Owl The Foreigner

This late summer evening in the Cinematic Cities series savours the quieter pace of cities after dark, and the unique friendships and romances that can be found in the hours when most have gone to sleep. After a chance meeting on a train, two strangers, Jesse and Céline, agree to abandon their tourism itinerary, and instead spend the evening meandering around Vienna together. And just like that, the cafés, bridges, trams, fountains, record stores and carnivals of that city become the stage on which chemistry and conversation are choreographed in Richard Linklater’s opening chapter of one of cinema’s beloved trilogies, Before Sunrise.

Paired with Before Sunrise is the Toronto-set comedy short Night Owl, celebrating its Canadian Premiere at CPFF! Part of the acclaimed web series of the same name, it takes us on a grocery run with an insomniac woman who wanders aimlessly in a fictional 24-hour Fiesta Farms in search of friendly faces. The Foreigner, also set in the Christie Pits neighbourhood, follows an outsider looking for community and a sense of belonging, isolated in the darkness of the city. He stumbles upon an underground Brazilian dance party that, despite the language barrier, welcomes him with open arms.

Before Sunrise

Directed by Richard Linklater, 1995

With short films Night Owl, directed by Rebekah Miskin & Gillian Müller, 2018
The Foreigner, directed by Maya Annik Bedward, 2014

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