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The Odd Couple

Christie Pits Film Festival 2019 - dynamic duos
Sunday, July 21st

The Odd Couple

Short film — Brunch Queen

One of the most dynamic duos in Cinematic history, The Odd Couple kicked off what would become a more than 40-year-long on-screen relationship. Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau portray Felix and Oscar - two divorced men, a miserably neurotic neat-freak and a fun-loving slob, who move in together. What begins as a nice gesture on Oscar’s behalf quickly descends into a hilarious passive-aggressive nightmare. A true lesson in comedic performance by two departed Hollywood giants, The Odd Couple is a story about the sharp edges of friendship, the many masks of love, and the ties that bind despite it all - and will surely resonate with the plight of roommates in Toronto’s dismal rental market.

Screening with The Odd Couple is the charming documentary short Brunch Queen, about the elderly gay couple who owns Vancouver’s famed Elbow Room Café. Like Felix and Oscar, there is a lot to admire about this delightfully odd couple of opposites, but most of all it’s their refreshing display of inscrutable yet undeniable love.

The Odd Couple

Directed by Gene Saks, 1968

With short film Brunch Queen, directed by Sean Horlor & Steve Adams, 2017

Sunday, July 21st
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