Opening night! Sunday, June 25, 2017
Harold Lloyd’s

The Freshman

with live musical score by The Holy Gasp
Short film — Squeaky Shoe

To kick off Christie Pits Film Festival’s seventh summer season, the 2017 Eyes on the Prize programme, we have a special treat in store. The classic silent comedy The Freshman is reinvented with a brand-new live musical score! Toronto musicians The Holy Gasp have composed original music for the film, and will perform it live alongside the film. Fans of Toronto Outdoor Picture Show’s previous live-score screenings will not want to miss this latest production.
A must-see event!

In The Freshman, deceptively bookish Harold Lamb (legendary silent comedian Harold Lloyd) heads to college and competes to be the most popular and loveable student on campus in a series of increasingly hilarious and inventive slapstick routines. The Freshman will be preceded by Squeaky Shoe, a clever wordless short by Toronto filmmaker Richard B. Pierre in the style of classic silent comedies.

This evening will also act as the cornerstone of a neighbourhood-wide Ontario 150 special event called The Bloorcourt Hurly-Burly that will celebrate the unique history of cinema and theatre in the Bloorcourt area. This event is supported by the province of Ontario through the Ontario150 Community Celebrations programme.

The Freshman

Directed by Fred Newmeyer & Sam Taylor (1925)
Featuring a live musical score by The Holy Gasp

With short film Squeaky Shoe, directed by Richard B. Pierre (2012)

Eats & Treats @ 6pm. Films @ Sundown
Free / PWYC
Christie Pits Park is an accessible venue
Films are screened with captioning whenever possible