Sense and Sensibility

Christie Pits Film Festival 2019 - dynamic duos
Sunday, August 4th

Sense and Sensibility

Short film — Scenes from Another Marriage

Regency era author Jane Austen centred the marital prospects of women of the period in her novels, deliberately contrasting virtues like “pride” and “prejudice” and here, “sense” and “sensibility.” Ang Lee’s delightful film version, brilliantly adapted for the screen by Emma Thompson, brings a unique aesthetic sensibility to the beloved book. Romantic coupledom looms large in popular culture, but this adaptation emphasizes the close bond between sisters Elinor and Marianne who embody these dichotomies, with Elinor sensibly fixated on realistic marital prospects, while Marianne is smitten by more sentimental pursuits.

Toronto filmmaker Erik Anderson’s satirical Scenes from Another Marriage adapts another classic artwork, Ingmar Bergman’s ground-breaking Scenes from a Marriage - but this time deconstructing the marriage of a gay couple. As onscreen-offscreen couple Alex and Chris feel the mounting pressure of their co-directed project, and the outside presence of an authoritative straight man, the bonds that hold them together begin to snap. This utterly charming documentary-style short lays bare the framework of a healthy relationship, finding a careful balance between sense and sensibility in matters of the heart.

Sense and Sensibility

Directed by Ang Lee, 1995

With short film Scenes from Another Marriage, directed by Erik Anderson, 2015

Sunday, August 4th
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