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The Prestige

Christie Pits Film Festival 2019 - Dynamic duos
Sunday, June 9th

The Prestige

In 2009, internationally renowned Brazilian photographer Vik Muniz began an ambitious project to make large-scale artworks in collaboration with workers at Jardim Gramacho, the world's largest landfill, on the edge of Rio de Janeiro. The workers scour the landfill to triage its recyclable materials, effectively making up a guerilla-style environmental programme. The award-winning documentary Waste Land is a deeply moving portrait of urban gleaners living on the geographical and social margins of a city, yet whose work is integral to the environmental sustainability of the metropolis.

Waste Land will be paired with two short films that similarly address the delicate relationship between one’s home, livelihood, and mental health. Bird, the directorial debut of Canadian actor Molly Parker and featuring a riveting performance by Amanda Plummer, explores the fragile lives of an adult family whose precarious subsistence is jeopardized when a beloved pet escapes. What Remains, by local documentarians Lisa Rideout and Corinne Dunphy, captures the slow decay of Toronto’s famous Captain John’s restaurant ship.

The Prestige

Directed by Christopher Nolan, 2006

Sunday, August 25th, 2019
Eats & Treats @ 6pm. Films @ Sundown (~8:30pm)
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