in the mood for love

Christie Pits Film Festival 2018 - cinematic cities
Sunday, july 15th

in the mood for love


Short films — Welcome to Yesterday Numbers & Queen's Quay & This Town of Toronto...

What would city life be without the space for private retreat? Wong Kar-Wai’s masterful work of romantic formalism, In the Mood for Love looks to the unassuming corners of Hong Kong - tiny food shops, narrow alleys, corridors of shared apartments, cramped office spaces - to frame richly detailed, brightly coloured mise-en-scènes in this story of intoxicating desire, loneliness, intimacy, and beauty. In the Mood for Love is Wong at the top of his craft, and the pinnacle of 90s Hong Kong cinema.

An ode to uncompromising visual artists, In the Mood For Love is accompanied by a montage of local experimental shorts that each depict Toronto through a unique lens. Dan Browne’s Numbers is a formalist work composed of photographs of 100 distinguishable numbered entryways to Toronto’s private spaces. To similar effect, Gayle Ye’s Welcome to Yesterday captures the quirky mise-en-scène of Toronto’s iconic Honest Ed’s, a space now lost to gentrification. Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof reconnects with Toronto’s lost outdoor spaces through a pastiche of archival footage in This Town of Toronto..., and finally Stephen Broomer’s Queen’s Quay describes the frenetic energy of the cityscape in rich saturated colour.

In the mood for love

Directed by Wong Kar-Wai, 2000

With short films Numbers, directed by Dan Browne, 2011
Welcome to Yesterday, directed by Gayle Ye, 2017
Queen's Quay, directed by Stephen Broomer, 2013
This Town of Toronto..., directed by Izabella Pruska-Oldenof, 2012

Eats & Treats @ 6pm. Films @ Sundown
Free / PWYC (Donations gratefully accepted)
Christie Pits Park is an accessible venue
Films are screened with captioning whenever possible

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