Cinematic Cities

Christie Pits Film Festival
June 24 — August 19, 2018

programme NOTE

This summer, join your friends and neighbours at Christie Pits Park for a cinematic journey from city to city around the world!

Cinematic Cities marks the festival’s eighth thematic season of open-air films, and showcases unique depictions of urban spaces across the globe, and the desires, triumphs, challenges, and political lives of their inhabitants. The series takes us from the TV studios and bandstands of Baltimore in John Waters’ Hairspray, to the familiar parks and streets of Toronto in Porch Stories, to the most iconic of “all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world” in Casablanca, to Wong Kar-Wai’s alluring depiction of vertical living in Hong Kong in In the Mood for Love, to the hotel rooftops of Ocean’s Eleven’s Las Vegas, to a unique art project on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro in Waste Land, to Amélie’s whimsical vision of Paris’ Montmartre neighbourhood, to Vienna, the setting of a summertime love affair in Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise.

As an ode to the city we love, every screening in the Cinematic Cities programme will be paired with short films by local filmmakers that portray Toronto in all its many guises, from “the Good” to “the 6ix” to “Toronto Strong.”

In what has become a CPFF tradition, the festival will conclude with a two-night Closing Weekend, including a surprise Closing Night screening of an iconic cinematic city. Pack your bag with a picnic and your favourite blanket, and enjoy your summer holiday in Toronto!

Cinematic Cities is co-curated by Emily Reid and Olena Decock, with programming consultation from Felan Parker. This series is made possible with funding from Ontario Arts Council and Lead Sponsor Waterfront Toronto.