Christie Pits Film Festival is a free weekly series of outdoor film screenings held each summer in Christie Pits Park, Toronto. Founded in 2011 by cultural programmer and local resident Emily Reid, the festival brings high quality, diverse and engaging film programming to the residents of Toronto’s urban west end and increases the use­-value of the park it calls home.

The festival’s carefully curated programme includes a combination of popular and critically-acclaimed feature films, as well as local and Canadian short and feature films to celebrate excellent homegrown talent.

CPFF takes place in the natural amphitheatre of Christie Pits Park, and now sees average audiences of 1000 people each night. In January 2015, Christie Pits Film Festival incorporated as the umbrella organization Toronto Outdoor Picture Show, dedicated to celebrating outdoor cinema with communities across the city.



Festival Director
& Lead Programmer


 Olena Decock

Manager of Programming
& Operations


Toronto Outdoor Picture Show Co-Founder


Mike Layton
Jules Monteyne
Stephanie Pope, Chair
Emily Reid
Jane Schoettle (Honorary)

Meredith Best
Aamir Fancy
Stacey Feero
Christian Kelley
Nicole Laoutaris